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Vervet Monkeys.pdf Vervet Monkeys.pdf
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This book "Vervet Monkeys - victims of human persecution" traces the natural history of Vervet Monkeys, their habits, how they are ill-treated by humans, common misconceptions that people have about them, the care, rehabilitation and release back into the wild, and rehabilitation centres and sanctuaries in South Africa. This book is free to download and you may redistribute it to friends, acquaintances and educational institutions.
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“This is the story of a white rhino callously mutilated by poachers and left alive with his horns and part of his face hacked off with pangas.”
This deeply moving personal journey in the race to save Geza the rhino is told by the veterinarian who was called in right after the poachers’ brutal attack.  Dr. Fowlds kindly gave us permission to share it with the hope that hearts would be softened and this vicious war on the rhino for its horn might be curbed.

silent spring.pdf silent spring.pdf
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This is the complete book "Silent Spring" which made a terrific impact on the world of nature conservation. Twenty-five years after its original publication, Silent Spring has more than a historical interest. Such a book bridges the gulf between what C. P. Snow called “the two cultures.” Rachel Carson was a realistic, well-trained scientist who possessed the insight and sensitivity of a poet. She had an emotional response to nature for which she did not apologize. The more she learned, the greater grew what she termed “the sense of wonder.” So she succeeded in making a book about death a celebration of life.

Rereading her book today, one is aware that its implications are far broader than the immediate crisis with which it dealt. By awaking us to a specific danger—the poisoning of the earth with chemicals—she has helped us to recognize many other ways (some little known in her time) in which mankind is degrading the quality of life on our planet. And Silent Spring will continue to remind us that in our overorganized and overmechanized age, individual initiative and courage still count: change can be brought about, not through incitement to war or violent revolution, but rather by altering the direction of our thinking about the world we live in.

This report from the World Bank provides a snapshot of recent scientific literature and new analysis of likely impacts and risks that would be associated with a 4° Celsius warming within this century. It is a rigorous attempt to outline a range of risks, focusing on developing countries and especially the poor. A 4°C world would be one of unprecedented heat waves, severe drought, and major floods in many regions, with serious impacts on ecosystems and associated services. But with action, a 4°C world can be avoided and we can likely hold warming below 2°C.

Have we exceeded the natural services that the world can supply for our survival?  Download this scientific article on the nine planetary boundaries and discover that we are perilously close to stepping over the limits of what the Earth's ecosystems can provide.

happiermeals.pdf happiermeals.pdf
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Happier Meals, Eating Greenfully, and Chomping Climate Change
Excerpted/adapted from a speech by Robert Goodland on September 7, 2013 at The McDougall Intensive Advanced Study Conference in Santa Rosa, California 
climate change creating new world.pdf climate change creating new world.pdf
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 Climate change is creating a whole new world which our ancestors would not be able to recognize.

Our Nutrient World.pdf Our Nutrient World.pdf
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The full report on how the nutrients of the world are being used and how they are distributed. 

Ivory Apocalypse.pdf Ivory Apocalypse.pdf
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 In an attempt to get to grips with the scale of the elephant poaching crisis, science editor Tim Jackson interviewed scientists, researchers, NGOs and policymakers across the conservation and trade spectrum, and filed this special report. 

Consensus-Statement.pdf Consensus-Statement.pdf
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500 scientists across the globe warn of society-wide impacts if we fail to stem the overdevelopment and exploitation of our biosphere: 'We must work hard to solve these global problems, starting today.'